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As impressive as our inventory and services are, Metropolitan’s true capabilities are measured by the individuals that deliver those resources and services.  Every employee at Metropolitan was hand picked from industry professionals who have excelled in their particular area of expertise and share our common commitment to service.

Martin G.Glynn, Corporate
Robert E. Lee, Corporate
Gerard W. Schreck, Corporate

Executive Team
Leonardo Servedio, Corporate
Lawrence Grossenbacher, Corporate
Lorenzo Marinuzzi, Corporate
Mike Ruberry, Corporate
Kevin Dulak, Corporate
Gina M. Calderon, Corporate
Anthony Bartolomeo, Las Vegas

Account Executives
Steven A. LoPorto, Corporate
Ryan Connors, Corporate
Alyson Lyden, Las Vegas
Anah Mauriber, Edison
Courtney Serpico, Edison
Donna Brex, Corporate
Franco Perrotta, Corporate
Kelly Connors, Corporate
Laura Arietta, Corporate
Mark Hardy, Edison
Robert Greenleaf, Corporate
Sarah-Jane Telesca, Corporate
Tiara Liles, Las Vegas

Exhibit & Display Sales
Jamie Bialor, Corporate
Julio O. Mercado, Corporate

Sales Administration
Janine Mutschler, Corporate
Tara Musela, Corporate

Exhibitor Services
Veronica Jack-Drake, Corporate
Linda Low, Las Vegas
Darcy Dozier, Las Vegas
Deanna Portesy, Corporate
Katie Onufrey, Edison
Kevin McSorley, Corporate
Rebecca Foldi, Corporate
Sara Koretsky, Corporate
Stephanie Benavides, Corporate
Tiffany Thompson, Corporate

Greg Jira, Corporate
Lou Tassone, Las Vegas
Ed Doherty, Corporate
Brandon Siegmann, Las Vegas
Cesar Marin, Corporate
Chris Criscuolo, Edison
Ian Scheffer, Corporate
Jerry Cleary Jr., Corporate
Jim Connors, Corporate
Joe G. Cimmino, Corporate
John J. Kane, Corporate
Spencer Yahnke, Las Vegas
Todd Hinton, Las Vegas

Frank D'Amato, Corporate
Damon Vincenty, Corporate
Luis Bravo, Corporate
Jim Carman, Corporate

Warehouse Operations
James E. Hodgins, Corporate
Angelo Sciandra, Corporate
Eddie Mangual, Corporate
Jaime Beltran, Corporate
James Brown, Las Vegas
Leo Rinaldi, Corporate
Oscar Vidal, Corporate

Anna M. Vincenty, Corporate
Wanda Uceta, Corporate
Nicole Calicchio, Corporate
Paul O'Brien, Corporate

Design & Drafting
Pablo Schor, Corporate
Chris Palmieri, Corporate

Floor Plans
Anthony D. Harris, Corporate
Rafael Polanco, Corporate

Damien Powell, Corporate

Training & Safety
Mary Zareva, Corporate

Caroline Ampudia, Corporate
Barbara Vitale, Corporate
Christina Caruso, Las Vegas

Metropolitan Exposition Transportation
Kevin Ozgur, Corporate
Danielle Tullo, Corporate
Jessica Greenleaf, Corporate
Scott White, Corporate
Steven Young, Corporate
Tiago Guinsburg, Corporate

Bruno Giaccio, Corporate
Thomas J. Daley, Corporate
James Carolan, Corporate
Josh Parrish, Corporate
Kareem Salvant, Corporate
Maria A. Greco, Corporate
Michael Cornwell, Corporate
Rory Monahan, Corporate

Metro Canada
Randal Bailey, Toronto


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